Sunroof Closing Force and Opening Drag Check

1.Remove the headliner.

2.Closing force check:

  • With a shop towel (A) on the leading edge of the glass (B), attach a spring scale (C) as shown.
  • Have an assistant hold the switch to close the glass while you measure the force required to stop it.
  • Read the force as soon as the glass stops moving, then immediately release the switch and spring scale.

Closing force: 200-290 N (20-30 kgf, 44-66 lbf) 


3.If the force in not within specification, remove the sunroof motor, then check:

  • The gear portion and the inner cable for breakage and damage. If the gear portion is broken, replace the motor. If the inner cable is damaged, remove the frame, and replace the cable.
  • The sunroof motor. If the motor fails to run or doesn't turn smoothly, replace it.
  • The opening drag. Go to 4.

4.Opening drag check: Protect the leading edge of the glass with a shop towel (A). Measure the effort required to open the glass using a spring scale (B) as shown.


5.If the load is over 40 N (4 kgf, 9 lbf), check: