Ignition Timing Inspection

1.Connect the Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) to the data link connector (DLC).

2.Turn the ignition switch ON(II).

3.Make sure the HDS communicates with the vehicle and the ECM/PCM. If it doesn't, troubleshoot the DLC circuit.

4.Start the engine. Hold the engine at 3,000 rpm (min-1) with no load (in Neutral) until the radiator fan comes on, then let it idle.

5.Check the idle speed.

6.Select ‘‘SCS'' mode using the HDS.

7.Connect the timing light to the No. 1 ignition coil harness.


8.Aim the light toward the pointer (A) on the cam chain case. Check the ignition timing under a no load condition (headlights, blower fan, rear window defogger, and air conditioner are turned off).

Ignition Timing 
M/T: 8 °±2 ° BTDC (RED mark (B)) at idle in Neutral 
A/T: 8 °±2 ° BTDC (RED mark (B)) at idle in Park or Neutral 


9.If the ignition timing differs from the specification, check the cam timing. If the cam timing is OK, update the engine control module (ECM)/powertrain control module (PCM) if it does not have the latest software, or substitute a known-good ECM/PCM, then recheck. If the system work properly, and the ECM/PCM was substituted, replace the original ECM/PCM.

10.Disconnect the HDS and the timing light.